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The Carpentry kit is designed for young budding carpenters, it has been tried and tested with the sssions that we deliver in STEAM powered education. It includes all that you need to get started including 

PLEASE NOTE: Can Not be sold to any persons under the age of 16, and must be used with adquate adult supervision. 

You may individually buy items from this kit, please enquire using our online form.

The Carpentry Kit

SKU: 126351351935
  • Includes: 

    1 x Junior Hacksaw 

    1 x A4 Cutting Board 

    1 x Bench Vice 

    1 x Bench Hook 

    1 x Steel Rule 

    1 x 40oz Pin Hammer 

    1 x Pencil and sharpener 

    1 x Scisors 

    1 x G Clamp 

    1 x Wood Glue 100ml + Brush 

    1 x Glue gun and Refill sticks 

    1 x Hand drill 

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