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Privacy Policy

STEAM Powered Education LTD is a private limited company, owned and managed by Robert F Mcgregor of Vermont close, Clacton on Sea. It is a private entity that is not associated with any other corporate entity and should not be confused with any company or organisation that holds a similar name. This privacy policy explains how our organisation uses the personal data that we collect from you when you use our services; and / or visit our website. 


What Data do we collect? 

STEAM Powered Education collects the following data: 

Name, Location of site visit, Email address, Phone number, Medical allergies, Special needs or requirements, First line of address, postcode, location of site visit and school attended. 


How do we collect your data?

You directly provide STEAM Powered Education with the majority of the data that we collect. We collect and process your data when you; 


  • Register your information online or place an order through our website

  • Register or book for an upcoming session 

  • Voluntarily complete a contact form, or feedback form 

  • Use, browse or message our website through your browsers ‘Cookies’. 

  • Complete an information form before attending any of our in-person workshops 

  • Request more information about STEAM Education via email and give us consent to add you to the mailing list. 


How will we use your data? 

STEAM Powered Education LTD collects your data so that we can; 


  • Process any bookings or orders that you place from your online account 

  • Manage your account

  • Email you with upcoming sessions or new products that we think you may enjoy 

  • Contact you in the case of an emergency situation during a session 

  • Ensure that we are following proper safeguarding protocols during a physical session. (This includes, but is not limited to information about a child’s special needs or allergies).

We do not share your information with any third parties outside of the organisation, and will never do so without your consent. The only exception to this, is when a safeguarding issue or emergency situation may arise - and the proper authorities (Police, Fire and Rescue, Emergency Medical staff) need to be notified. 


How do we store your data?


STEAM Powered Education LTD securely stores your data on our online database. This database is password encrypted, and can only be found one one computer in a personal office. This office is kept locked at all times, and is only accessed by the data control officer. 


STEAM Powered Education will keep your personal identifying data required to process your order or booking for the period until the booking or order has been fulfilled, or a period of 30 working days has passed - whichever date is sooner. One this period has passed, we securely delete your data from our database.


Steam Powered Education may store other additional information such as email address or contact numbers for the purposes of marketing or safeguarding for the period of 60 days, or until such data is requested to be removed, whichever comes first. Once this period has passed we securely delete your data from our online database. 




STEAM Powered Education would like to send you information about new sessions or products that are being released that we think you may like. 


If you have agreed to receive marketing or further communications from us you have the right to opt out of this at any time. 

You have the right to request the stop of marketing materials at any time. Please send a message to us via our website: to request this.


What are my data protection rights?

STEAM Powered Education would like you to know the following information about your data protection rights. If you feel that we are not adhering to these policies, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can rectify this as soon as possible. 


As a user you have the right to: 


The right to access your information: You have the right to request a full copy of all the information that we hold on you at any time. STEAM Powered Education will never charge you a fee for doing this. 


The right to rectify: You have the right to update any information that we hold on you that may be deemed as misleading or incorrect. You also have the right to complete any information that is incomplete. 


The right to erase: You have the right to request that STEAM Powered Education erases any and all of the data that we hold on you at any time, under the conditions outlined in the GDPR. 


The right to data transfer / portability: You have the right to request that STEAM Powered Education transfer the data that we hold on you to another organisation or directly to you. 


If you make a request we have no more than 30 working days to fulfill this request or respond to you. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us Via our website:, or send an email to


What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text only files that are placed on your computer when you perform any kind of standard internet browsing. They collect standard internet log and user behaviour information. When you visit the STEAM Powered Education website we may collect basic information about you from cookies.


For further information about cookies, please visit:


How do we use Cookies? 

STEAM Powered Education uses cookies in a wide range of different ways to improve a user’s experience on our website including but not limited to; 


  • Keeping you signed in to your account 

  • Understanding how you use the website including the pages you view 

  • Counting views on Blog posts, and recording interactions with posts 


What types of Cookies do we use?

There are a vast array of different kinds of cookies, however our website uses the following;


  • Functionality - We use these cookies so that we can improve your online experience and preferences when using the website. These include your preferred language, and the country that you are in. These cookies may keep you logged into your online account through different visits to the website, as long as you are visiting on the same device. 


  • Advertising - STEAM Powered Education uses advertising cookies to collect information about your visit to our website. These include; the time that you spent viewing our website, the pags and items that you viewed whilst on the website, the links that you followed, and information about the type of device that you are using to browse the website. 


How to manage Cookies?

Most browsers have settings to remove or delete cookies, and the link above contains more information about how to do this. Some features of our website may not function or behave in an abnormal manner if cookies are disabled. 


Privacy Policies of other websites

Our website contains links to other websites or sources of information. This privacy policy applies only to the STEAM Powered Education website, and you should ensure that you read the privacy policy of any other site that you visit. 


Changes to this privacy policy 

STEAM Powered Education keeps this policy under regular review to ensure compliance and places any updates on this webpage. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to exercise any of your rights please contact us through the following channels; 


Our website: 

Email us:

Phone us: 07950668999

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