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Radio Control

STEAM Powered Education is having it’s tenth holiday workshop ‘Radio Control' at Pier Avenue Baptist Church (CO15 1NJ), Clacton during the Half term holiday on Tuesday 31st May. It will be from 9.00 am to 1.30 pm with snacks provided. Children will need to bring a packed lunch.

This should be a wonderful STEAM activity perfect for developing their ‘hands on’ skills and inspiring them to learn about how radio waves can control machines and what they are used for as well as the history of the discovery of radio waves. They will be making vehicles that have an aspect to radio control and also be able to take some of the vehicles home for free.

The cost is £20 for the day. I hope you agree that it will be worth it.


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Weekly Session Timetable (Closed during Holidays)

  • Monday – 3.30 - 4.45 pm Old Heath Road Primary School (For Old Heath pupils only)

  • Tuesday – 3.30 to 4.50 pm Alton Park Junior School (For Alton Park pupils only)

  • Wednesday – No session

  • Thursday – No session

  • Friday – No session

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Covid Compliance Rules

  1. As you enter, parents and children of secondary age should wear a face mask in the central atrium (Pier Avenue Baptist church)

  2. Children to wash their hands before starting the activity and at the end of the session.

  3. In close proximity to children, the teacher will wear his face mask.

  4. Please do not enter the premises if you have recently come into contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid 19.


Skills sessions to build basic skills of cutting, drilling, fixing/gluing, measuring and hammering.


Wedo 2.0 develops coding, building and mechanical engineering skills


Model building following detailed instructions, painting and attention to detail skills


Learn scenery building techniques

Learn new skills

We believe that it is  important to develop ‘hands on’ skills.  Threse are often underdeveloped especially in the age of screens and sedentary lifestyles that dominate many children’s lives.

What can you do?

Video Tutorials

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Equipment used by STEAM Powered Education

We now sell the equipment that we use in sessions for those that want to take there education to the next level!