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Building RC Cars and racing them

By the end of the two-day workshop, we will have attempted to:

1. Build a simple fan powered car, paint it and improve its functionality and performance.

2. Build a technical Lego RC car or truck.

3. Create a bridge using matchsticks and test them for strength.

4. Test our RC cars and trucks to see if they function correctly.

5. Race our vehicles in a competition.

We started by a short presentation about the invention and development of cars. I felt this was a good enrichment aspect to the workshop as it give context to the vehicles they are about to build

Next, we built our fan powered cars. These were relatively simple cars made of wood with a battery, switch, motor and propeller. They were manufacture in China so still had the Chinese instructions which were a bit vague and all in Chinese characters. Luckily, a friend of a friend was able to translate these into rather broken English. The Children coped quite well and painted them as well as testing and racing them.

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