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STEAM Powered Education

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  • STEM/STEAM after school activity clubs in the Tendring area

  • STEM/STEAM Holiday workshops

  • STEM/STEAM Training for schools

  • Career guidance into STEAM apprenticeships

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Who we are:


Robert McGregor:

Robert, founder and director, is an experienced Primary school teacher with over 25 years experience both in the UK and abroad.  He has worked as ICT and Science Coordinator in schools for 12 years and has earned an excellent reputation for developing successful after school clubs in STEM and STEAM related subjects.

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Petrina McGregor:

Petrina is a Secondary English teacher of 23 years’ experience. She has taught in the UK and abroad. She has extensive school leadership experience and a reputation for developing happy, calm and focused students.

What we believe:

  • We believe that environmental emergencies have highlighted the need to instil an education that develops practical 21st century skills in Robotics, coding, problem solving and creativity that will help develop a sustainable future.

  • We believe that there is an imbalance in current education. The importance of Mathematics and English as educational tools is undeniable, however, particularly in Primary schools, there is an over emphasis is on these subjects alone. Science and specifically the practical aspects of science are being neglected.

  • We believe that science must incorporate art, design and aesthetics as a catalyst for inspiration. 

  • Through after-school clubs and holiday workshops, STEAM Powered Education wishes to redress this imbalance,
    providing opportunities for children to learn 21st century STEM and STEAM skills that will inspire and challenge their understanding of the physical and digital worlds.

  • Training sessions with teachers will help to build confidence in teaching STEM and STEAM activities to their students.

  • Additionally, we wish to press schools on the need for STEAM skills to be centre stage in the school curriculum.

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STEAM Powered Education 

What is STEAM?

STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. It is a group of subjects that naturally complement each other. It began as STEM but with STEAM there is the added aspect of ART. This is very important as it adds the design and beauty that make an invention go from good to great.

Teaching Children To Solve Problems

What we do

We offer ‘hands on’ after school activities with a 21st century edge and inspire healthy, wholesome hobbies in children. Additionally, we offer holiday workshops where the children can get stuck into an in-depth project.



Build confidence, learning, cutting, drilling, fixing, hammering and other useful skills


Computer Building

Technical Skills


Learning spaces

Project planning and teamwork


Model Making

Model Making


Set Design

Creativity, Large projects

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What do people think about us?

"My son has thoroughly enjoyed attending STEAM Powered Education and trying his hand at the different activities on offer. His attention span in general and his attention to detail has massively improved, and, as a parent I am pleased to see him learn new life skills. Robert is a patient leader, and Daniel enjoys his fun, relaxed sessions."

 Nia Harris

 Founder of Nia's Nails

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